Dr Cyriac Maprayil- MA, PhD (London)

Author "The agony of India", "Nehru and the Commonwealth"

"I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your hand-drawn portraits of people, celebrities, pets, etc.  They are undeniably high-quality, fine-finish and exquisite portraits. Some of them even look as if your experienced and highly professional hands have put not just resemblance but also a good trace of life in them. I wish you both well in your artistic pursuit and definitely in the near future you will be elected members of the distinguished Royal Society of Portrait Painters."

Dr Rajendra Kumar SFHEA,FCMI,FCIM

Course Leader (MBA Programme) at London School of Commerce

"Sreejith was my student on the MBA programme and I kept in touch with him after his graduation. I used to call and appreciate him whenever I saw him do pencil drawings and post it on Facebook. One day he drew a pencil portrait of myself and sent it to me and I was spellbound by his exceptional talent.  The attention to detail was evident on going through the original hand-drawn portrait. When I posted it on Facebook, alumni from over 100 countries were surprised and shocked to note that a person could realistically render and draw a pencil portrait in a way that looked like a black and white photograph of that person. There are very few individuals who can do this and Sreejith is one among them. If anyone can do realistic portrait drawing then Sreejith, the UK based pencil artist is one they can definitely rely on. If anyone is looking out for sketching their photo then Sreejith is their best bet."

N K Saseendran

Senior Art Teacher, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya-Idukki

"As one of his art teachers in his early school days, the uniqueness I have noticed is, along with his inborn talent to draw and paint he has an extraordinary dedication and adoration towards his artistic skills. It is much appreciable for his astounding talent to pick even the minute details and the character of the subjects. I feel so proud of this amazing flair of my former student who creates wonders with his skills and made his own portraying style with 100% dedication as an artist. I wish him best of luck."

Yogesh Datta


"Sreejith who is a work colleague of mine is also a brilliant pencil sketch artist donned on me, initially quite unrealistically, as I could not make myself to believe that it is the same unassuming person. His sketch work is truly amazing. He specialises in portrays. His ability to realistically render and draw a pencil portrait in a way that looks like a black and white photograph of that person is truly remarkable. In my humble opinion, Sreejith’s talent as a pencil sketch artist deserves much wider recognition  & exposure and I wish him good luck."

K V Suresh

Assistant Commissioner, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti-Pune

"It was a surprise to me to know that this guy can make such great looking drawings. Being a student of mine I remember him being awarded several prizes in the painting competitions while at school days. His real Guru Mr.Saseendran who taught him the basics of art remain as the main inspiration for his current artistic skills. His disciple is a real master in drawing, especially in pencil portraits. His portraits are lifelike and I rate them much better than the real photographs. He often used to share his amazing realistic pencil drawing and I enjoy them a lot. The shading skills, light techniques and refining tones are exuberant. Surprisingly his wife Deepa too has demonstrated her amazing skills. Awaiting much more creations from them."

Ravi Kumar


"These guys are exceptionally good at their skill. The whole experience with their service was amazingly great. The order delivered even before the proposed date. I rate 5 out of 5 and I wish them good luck."

Sandor Alex Jakab

"One of the UK’s best portrait artists, and a much cheaper price. Detailing of each drawing are at its best. I am an artist too, but I wish I could make something like this one day."

Jason Jose


"Outstanding skill, No words to express the perfection of the outcome. Thank you so much for the brilliant service."

Venkata Ramamurthy

"I have to say Deepa's skill is amazing and the picture of my daughter she made is awsome and simple, I give 5 out of 5 stars."